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There is no doubt among those who are looking to build that perfect body that taking steroids can be helpful in achieving the proverbial perfect body. While steroids can no doubt be useful for that objective, those steroids out there can also cause some other issues, best known as side effects, to those who partake in them. In order to take a look at those potential side side effects, we will break the next couple of paragraphs into the following sections, they are steroid side effects for men, steroid side effects for women and steroid side effects for teenagers.

Steroid Side Effects For Men
The most common side effect for men who takes steroids is the potential that the steroids will give the males who take them the ability to develop larger breasts. The genitalia is not immune for the male users as well, because there have been reports suggesting that men will get shrunken testicles and even painful erections while on the stuff. This will also affect the sperm count for men as well, because men who use steroids will generally have a lower sperm count than non-users. The fun for the males is not exactly over yet because they can also become infertile and impotent as well.

Steroid Side Effects For Women
It is now time to move onto the other gender in the steroid using universe and that means the women, who face side potential side effects from steroid use as more growth in facial and body hair. The voices of the ladies will be affected as well because female steroid users have been found to contain a much deeper voice when speaking. The women will also see changes in their body as well, like menstrual irregularities and a possibly enlarged clitoris. The side effects for the ladies are not over yet as women can also be found to have a more masculine fetus and even a reduced size in their breasts.

Steroid Effects For Teenagers
Teenagers can attract the other side effects listed for the men and women above, but they can also catch a few more side effects themselves that adult aged users do not experience. Those possible side effects will be a potentially shortened height due to something known as arrested bone growth and young women may suffer from long term masculinization. These can happen to adult steroid users as well, but studies have shown that these side effects happen more to teenagers than the adult users.

There are a lot of side effects for taking steroids, but steroids a.k.a. hormones can also be good for those who use them as well. However, in order to know everything that can happen when taking the stuff, you will want to know the bad as well as the good.

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